Summer '16 Demo (Flying and Calling)

by Boy Rex

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These are four songs written somewhere between March and June 2016 and recorded early July. Both lyrically and instrumentally they represent the "loose ends" from The Bloodmonths--they wrap-up or tie-together the themes and ideas I was working with for that. One or two or all of these songs might make it onto a future release in a more "official" capacity, but right now I have no idea when or where.

All my thanks to Em, Eric, Mason, my dad, Ely, Emma, Sean, Michael, Corey, Benny, and all my friends here, there, or around for all your support.


released August 1, 2016

Drums written and recorded by Ely Potter
Trumpet written and recorded by Scott Senff
Engineered and mixed by Dave Mantel and Broken Light Records.
Drums engineered by Jon Lervold at Big Name Recording Studio.



all rights reserved


Boy Rex Traverse City, Michigan

The songs of Jack Senff


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Track Name: Dogs Together
I followed my heart into the depths of the wild with callous abandon and "flashing smiles" and when I stumbled out, the weather calmed, there was salt in the air and blood on my palms. Now that I've been scrubbed clean, how do you feel about everything? Do you believe in me, or do you believe in anything? I know what you're thinking man, I know what you'd say, but I ain't no clipped wing just cus I'm saved. I fly and I call as good as I get dirty when I crawl. (Now that I've been scrubbed clean, how do you feel about everything? Do you believe in me, or do you believe in anything?) Yeah, I don't believe in you: A year ago you told me to follow what I feel, to chase after the abstract instead of what was real. But instead of finding summit I fell down the goddamn mountain. And now we're back to climbing, dogs together, always counting mile marker posts in the grass, in the snow. And even if we make it up, I can't believe in you.
Track Name: Got There / Left There
Sunlight spills through a window: dust above the bed shakes the dust out of my head and I'm back again. Back in time, back in mind, to a place I don't know how I got there. Then the dust settles on the bed and all I'm left is sunlight through a window, the reverie of the dark lingering, half remembered. I breathe. (A funeral's too strong a setting, so let's call this a wake while we're still awake and I have some say: the swaying leaves of the madrona tree showed me a life that I could see in color, in blood; and from my stone-bench-throne I surveyed the sea, and in it's jaw I saw eternity; it was here I waded out to my knees with a Spokane girl who helped me see the way back to a place that I don't know how I left there.)
Track Name: The White Whale
Drop anchor in the shores of familiar water, see if we can't make it 'til morning. We'll take shelter in the covenant of our bodies. We'll get drunk on tongue and skin. We'll pretend that we're whole again. See I've been out of sync in a sink-or-swim kind of way, but here, now, hiding out from ourselves, I feel perfectly in time with you. And I'm real good at swimming, but the ocean is a great big place. I've been worried about the waves--I've been worried you're not safe. So let's get drunk on tongue and skin. Let's pretend we're whole again.
Track Name: Holy Broken
I'm flying back to the left side today, and I'm terrified of what you might say when you see me, a wreck, holy broken. With all my failed chances and the taped-together glasses, will I be what you're hoping? Was it death you wished on me in the rolling-thunder-summer losing all your teeth? Cus baby I'd believe it. It's what I get for leaving. But when I board this plane I swear on Mimi's name I will love you all our days and forever after that. Come whatever may. (It's not that I was gone, it's that I was trapped inside. And when I flew away I thought I was there to stay.) If you'll forgive me I can show you how.